Boy is now on spotify click the image below

The response to the new video for Boy has been fantastic. It's obvious where the idea came from right? lol My wee son Rohan was my only child at the time of writing, We'd yet to have Cara we were about 2 months out. I'd sent the song over to Andy in its very folk acoustic state and he thought that it could be more of a contemporary band song. He was right. The inspiration had come due to Disneys Cars. My son used to watch it constantly for a number of years, then moved on to another thing as they do. We recently put cars back on and he couldn't remember it, something so simple was a wee bit heartbreaking cuz if he couldn't remember that, something he massively loved, I wondered if he couldn't remember loads of other things we'd done together. Luckily we're the type of parents that videoed loads and took lots of pictures, but there was a very real moment where I realised he's now his own wee boy and he's just developing so quickly.

The lyrics to this song are some of the best I've written. I'll have to write Cara a wee song at some point in the future who knows if it'll make an album or not, but she deserves it! lol

We were really touched when some people sent us videos to use of their parents or children who have passed. To be able to share your beautiful images is genuinely a honour, and I hope the song and video gives you some happiness in seeing them. Thank you so much for allowing us the beautiful images and videos everyone.

The track opens with Mark Evitts on Strings and when you get the album you'll get to enjoy the strings linking from the previous song on the album and into boy. It's stunning.

Hope you're having a fantastic day! Thanks so much everyone for the support It means a lot and is necessary for us to push on as a new independent band.

Keep sharing the video. 4k in 24 hours is epic! THANKS!