The Anchor Digital Release

Well it's the 23rd of June already... That can mean only one thing!!! The Anchor is released tomorrow on all digital platforms. I know a number of people have already Pre Ordered it on iTunes etc... and that's greatly appreciated. If you'd like to help us with our new single, you could make a social media post about it telling people about it. You could share an iTunes link as well as purchase it. On your streaming services it'd be fantastic if you download the track or save it or add it to one of your playlists or all of those things.

The aim for us is really to get as many people as possible to hear our music. We're going to be playing some nice intimate shows to start with later in the year, and we'd love for people to know the songs. It's really that simple.


UK Itunes Link: Click Here

US iTunes Link: Click Here


Spotify Link: Click Here

Deezer Link: Click Here


Youtube Video: Click Here

Facebook Video: Click Here

Thanks as always

St. Alban

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